Monday, September 20, 2010


Adaptation has never been something I've been particularly adept at; take one look at my nutrition plan for race day and you'll realize I try and figure out every variable known to man and prepare for it. It's one of the reasons why I manically studied metabolism and nutrition when I was first diagnosed with nutrition, the inability to control my fate has been something that has always bothered me - that may be one of those reasons I always work so hard.  But I think my move to California may just hint towards a more mature Ed, an Ed whose willing to flow with things a bit more and not freak out over time zone changes, an inability to find things 100% organic and a workout schedule that has been schizophrenic at best.

The first year after my diagnosis I had tried to control every variable that went into my blood sugar management.  I would freak out if a friend made me eat an hour later than I had planned, would all but lose it if someone wanted fast food instead of something healthy and god forbid a workout started 20 minutes late.  I had tight control over my A1C but probably wasn't the most pleasant person to be around.  During my first season of triathlon I was so worried about hitting my nutrition protocol to a tee that I kind of forgot to have fun during alot of my races.  Fast forward a year and I was still pretty nervous about my pre-race routine but started to loosen the reins on other parts of my life.  Then at the start of IMCDA I had lost that gel, a year earlier and I wouldn't have started the race - this time around I had a super solid swim.  Baby steps towards the willingness to adapt added up to a huge change.

Tonight after work I was planning on going for a run; I had no idea the exact time I'd start or even how far I would go for (I know, shocking).  I left work at about 6pm, and turned my basal rate down to 40%, when I finally got on the N to head to my super sweet new pad (more on that below), I opened up my Clif Bar wrapper and munched away then got home tested, tossed on my running shoes took a swig of Odawala Super Food and off I went.  At some point during the run I decided a 7 mile Monday night jaunt was solid enough.  No planning, no fuel belt, not even a heart rate monitor!  I did wear the Garmin though - I mean I can't just go technologically nude!

And now about the place.  In year's past I was terrified to live with people I knew, let alone people I had only met for 10 minutes!  But on Sunday I moved into my humble new abode with 2 roommates whom I've spoken with a total of 30 minutes, maybe.  I have none of my own stuff here (that comes the first week in October), am making due with the food I could find at the local market and am just enjoying my first place in California.

So how's all that relate to diabetes?  I've switched time zones 8 times in the past month, that hasn't been great for blood sugar management - but rather than freak out about it I'm adapting.  Yes I have to take in a bit more insulin than usual and yes it has been frustrating that my blood sugar is bouncing more than I would like.  But... freaking out about every second of every day isn't going to help my A1C.  I think I'm finally at a place where I can sit back and know that I have tight control of my disease and know that I'm taking the steps necessary to control diabetes as best as I can.  The learning continues - or maybe I've just become mellow since I'm off the East Coast!

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