Monday, June 14, 2010

Super Cool Company - Endurance Conspiracy

Some of my favorite things are fun and funky art work, t-shirts with fun and thought provoking prints, companies that "do good while doing well," and triathlon.  So when I came across Endurance Conspiracy last week I was psyched that they were a firm that combined all of those characteristics.  It is always wonderful to find companies like Method who incorporate the environment into their value proposition; Endurance Conspiracy is also one of those firms.

EC is owned and operated by Tim and Tony DeBoom; Tim is a two time winner at Kona and one of America's best professional triathletes.  The DeBoom boys have always been into sports and art so EC was a perfect way for them to share their passions with the world.  They describe their company in this way:  "We are a new athlete owned and managed company inspired by endurance sports and our love for the environment. We are dedicated to creating a unique line of apparel of the highest quality while maintaining and promoting the utmost ethical and environmental best practices." 

Rather than focus on developing a logo that goes on every t-shirt; the EC t-shirt's are an artistic representation of what those of us who love endurance sports think about.  They are also committed to sourcing and producing their shirts in the most responsible way possible, a methodology that is becoming more common but still miles away from being the norm.  

I've ordered two t-shirts so far and am dying for the one below to get in stock - for me EC represents alot of the things I believe in and they produce a pretty sweet product.

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