Friday, April 30, 2010

My Dynamic Nutrition Spreadsheet

Since I built my nutirtion protocol into an excel spreadsheet (god that makes me sound like an MBA) the number of lows I've encountered has dramitcally dropped and my performance during workouts has increased.  Although I always knew how many carbohydrated I would need for a given workout I would often loose track of the cumulative deficts I'd build up due to a missed meal or not being very hungry.

Coach Orton finally has me getting into the big mileage for the lead up to IMCDA.  This weekend my long ride jumps from 80 to 100 miles, and I'm suppoed to run 16 to 18 miles on Sunday.  In addition to a huge weekend of mileage the week included hill repeats, 18 miles of running and 4,000 yards of swimming.  According to my nutiriton formulas I would have had a 1,200 gram carbohydrate defecit if I only ate during workouts!

Trying to keep up with that amount of food isn't easy - especially when you're in the middle of some end of MBA celebrations.  Nutirition truly is the 4th discipline of triathlon.  But the spreadsheet has my blood sugars pretty stable (I did hit 48 yesterday but I think that was a bolus mistake) and I've had the energy to get through 9 hours of workouts through the first 5 days of this week.  So far, so good.

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