Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Of Stress, Emotions & Blood Sugars

It's easy to forget the impact ones blood sugars can have on their blood sugar management. Yesterday due to a perfect storm of events my blood sugars were out of control requiring a little extra effort to slow my mind down to help me process everything that was going on.

Sunday night I barely slept as I was thinking through some stuff in my personal life, this made my looming operations strategy class seem way more important than it actually was. I went to bed with a blood sugar of 340 on Sunday, as I tested throughout the night my glucose level never dropped below 200 although I had given myself more than enough insulin. Its amazing how much of an affect blood sugar plays on your thought process - when I'm that high I feel like my brain simply can't slow down.

Monday I had egg whites, coffee and a glass of OJ for breakfast, but my blood sugar spiked above 200 just an hour after eating. I sat through class, dizzy and ultra focused as I was trying to understand a concept. Mind you, under normal bs levels competitive cost analysis wouldn't be that hard for me to figure out. Oh the joys of diabetes.

Throughout the rest of the day my blood sugar fluctuated between 180 and 300; and the pending club fair at Darden did little to ease my worries. I'm the founder of a new type of club at Darden which is a cross-academic endeavor that is combining the new Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy and Darden to form the Business & Public Policy Club. In order to be an official club at Darden we need at least 20 members. I was nervous about having to pitch my club to the first years, and terrified we wouldn't get the #s needed to become sanctioned. I was blown away by the response, we had 40 first years sign up for the club which exceeded our wildest expectations.

I came home, did some valuation homework, then went to my second year coaches course, where I skipped the free pizza and just had a diet coke. Finally back home at 8:30 pm, I had a salad with chicken sausage and was glad to see my blood sugar pre meal and post meal come in at the same level of 205 (consistency is a move in the right direction). I gave myself 2 extra units of insulin before bed, went to sleep at 11:15 and am super happy to wake up with a blood sugar of 75. Now its off to the pool before my 10am class, hopefully the exercise, extra sleep and understanding some stuff better will get my blood sugars back to where they should be.

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Amanda said...

Sheesh! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. One more thing to always worry about. Glad it's back in order... and I doubt your legs will fall off. Glad Coach E is kickin' your tail :)