Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Best Spontanious Training Ride Ever!

One of the most frustrating things about diabetes is the amount a diabetic has to plan to do any exercise. Kim and I were watching DLife TV the other day and were cracking up at the internal conversation a person about to go on a hike was having with their diabetic half about nutrition. From time to time I wish I could just hop on my bike or lace up my sneakers without worrying about the temperature, the amount of hills, the time of the ride or how many carbs I had in the tank; at times I just want to go.

Sunday provided the perfect opportunity for a spontaneous ride and I couldn't have been happier! After a few over indulgent meals with Kim's parents on Friday and Saturday we decided to spend the last couple days of Memorial Day Weekend in Maine. On my drive to Boston two Saturdays ago my car began to buck when I would accelerate and stall when I would stop. Three mechanics later my Pathfinder received a clean bill of health, they all said it was probably just bad gas. Driving the car for 3 days prior to the Maine trip the car seemed fine, so Sunday morning we picked up our travel partners to head to Boothbay.

For the first 140 miles of the 180 mile trip the car was perfect, humming along at 80 mph on interstate 95, then the first buck happened. Hmmm, maybe we just hit something, so we continued to drive. Then the car got very unhappy and started bucking like wild bronco and stalling anytime I would slow down. After letting the car sit for a while, loading it with fuel injector cleaner and driving again, the car dangerously stalled while going down hill right before Red's Eats - a great lobster roll place. We decided that was the perfect opportunity for lunch.

After an hour eating, the car stalled 3 more times in a 1/4 mile period, I had, had enough, called AAA and had the car towed to a garage. The issue was the tow truck could only hold 3 people (including the driver), but there were 4 of us. Thankfully 2 of the 4 are Ironmen and had our bikes with us for the weekend! I turned my pump down, ate my emergency snickers bar, and off Kim and I went!!!

The ride was only 15 miles, but it was a blast just to hop on my bike without planning, without loading up tons of nutrition and just riding. For 15 miles Kim and I had a blast, and it was hilarious the reaction our friends had to the ride since we were actually looking forward to a 15 mile training ride. Sure I might need a new car, but the spontaneous bike ride on nothing more than a snickers bar actually makes it worth it. Hopefully, I'll have some pre and post pictures of the ride soon.


Fun and Fearless in Boston said...

What a trooper you are! I would have been crying if that had been me, but you used that as an opportunity to rock the spandex and go for a bike ride. Love it! Crossing my fingers for a safe return to MA!

Kim said...

who knew that snickers would really come in handy? what also would have been awesome during the ride would be a regular sports bra, and maybe a bathroom.