Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Luck To Some Friends of Team Ring The Bolus This Weekend!

This Sunday is Ironman Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. Two close friends of Team Ring The Bolus will be competing and I want to wish them both the best. Anne writer of Annetics and Cliff Scherb founder of Tri Star Athletes are both Type 1 diabetics and each has tried to draw attention to the disease through fund raising efforts, blogging about the challenges of training with diabetes and putting their athletic endeavors in a public forum.

Anne is a member of Triabetes; a training group comprised of several Type 1 Ironman that will compete in Ironman Wisconsin this year. Anne - you're amazing doing two Ironmen in one year!!! The focus of Triabetes is a year long documentary about the group's training program and competition. The full Triabetes team includes top-level coaches and Dr. Matthew Corcoran, founder of Diabetes Training Camps. The documentary should do a phenomenal job in expanding the knowledge base diabetic athletes have and help raise awareness to the everyday challenges Type 1s face. Anne has already finished 2 Ironmen and from the progress she has documented on her blog I have no doubt number 3 should happen this weekend. Best of luck Anne, you have been a tremendous inspiration for me during my training and have helped me through some really difficult moments.

I've discussed Cliff Scherb on my blog before. Cliff who was diagnosed with Type 1 as a 9 year old is a tremendous athlete, a former practice player for the Wake Forrest basketball team and a one time body builder. Sometime in his early 20s Cliff decided to turn in the weights for a pair of cycling shoes and the rest is history. He went sub 10 at Ironman Florida last year and has qualified for Kona in the past. Unlike alot of triathletes who compete as weekend warriors, Cliff competes in triathlons as a way of life; he is trying to qualify as a pro. When I first met Cliff at a Starbucks on 26th street for our initial consultation, I noticed he had two watches on. I couldn't figure out why this guy had two watches, until an alarm sounded and he took out an orange - Cliff is so dedicated he eats ever 20 minutes! He takes triathlon seriously and is as dedicated to the sport as any person I've met. I have no doubt that this weekend he'll post a number that will send him back to Kona to conquer the heat demons that hurt his race a few years ago. My training and theory sessions with Cliff have helped me tremendously, he's given me pointers on technique, nutrition and how to hit on female triathletes! He has been able to talk to me about the differences of power sports (like basketball and football) and triathlon as they relate to nutrition outside of diabetes and then help me understand how to incorporate insulin planning into race preparation. Cliff has helped me direct the lessons and nutrition plans of Lauren and Brian to Coach Egg's practices; without him I would have been lost. All the best this weekend Cliff - I just know you're going to reach your goal!

You can follow both Anne and Cliff this weekend at with me. Anne is bib number, 1930 and Cliff is bib number, 311. Send them your best as they each look to tackle an Ironman again; I can't wait to watch them both accomplish amazing things on Sunday!


Anne said...

thanks for you post Ed! I'll have to try and meet Cliff somehow.. bib 311--sounds like he must be pretty fast. If you want to virtually cheer on a good friend of mine, Jill Griebel is bib 1931 and this is her first ironman!

Ryan said...

I'll add them to my watchlist.

I tried to leave you a msg that basically said, well done at Mooseman and athletes like you who overcome obstacles to compete in sport are very inspirational to me, blah blah blah.

Alright, enough weepy crap!

I wish you all the best in IM training and I'll keep checking in.


My next msg will probably include some sort of body fluid. Sorry, its my trademark.