Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some Pictures

I'm still on a high from the amazing weekend I had and wanted to share some pictures with you from it. I'll also have some exciting news in the world of sports and diabetes in the coming days. I've found a CDE that has expertise in monitoring diabetes and performing at an athletic peak and a firm that specalizes in training athletes with diabetes - once I get more information about each and have the opportunity to talk with them a bit further I'll share it all with you.

On the way to the long uphill ride with my bike:

Finishing the race! :

Getting my kids ready:


Shannon said...

There's a story I have to track down for you that someone sent me through about triathlon camp for diabetics. I'm a little blurry on the details, but I'll send you a link to the article when I find it.

You look strong!! You did great for you first time. Now you know what to tweak in terms of timing your transitions, etc.

Shannon said...

Here is the article link:

and a link for the camp in the article:

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Grr why won't it let me blow up the pictures?! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME race, Ed. Except for the not checking your BS the entire time, other than that, you did a freaking amazing job! Esp for your first one! Thrilled for you :)

Very cute pic with the kids too... you look Lombardiesque!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Alright!! Awesome!

Dying Water Buffalo said...

hahaha I see what you were talking about they are all huddled up and then that one kid is on his butt off to the side!

i say sprints for him!

Amylia said...

Awesome! I'm with Shannon-you look really strong. What a feat! You are an inspiration.

Alison said...

Great pics. Sounds like it was amazing!